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Garrett C. Higley

Garrett's innovative, intellectual, and incisive approach to handling complex divorces and family law matters, coupled with his litigation skills, ensures effective advocacy from start to finish.

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The Law Office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC is dedicated to helping redefine your family through reasonable, aggressive advocacy, a superior knowledge of the law, and a commitment to fiscally responsible representation. At the Law Office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC we view our relationship with our clients as a partnership. Divorce, child custody cases, and other family law matters mean the restructuring of your life on a very personal level. Whether that change means the division of marital assets, the redefinition of a parent’s, grandparent’s, or party’s legal relationship with a child, an adoption, or any number of other family law matters, the lives of you and your family will clearly be different at the conclusion of your case. When you choose to work with the Law Office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC, you can be assured you will be represented by a talented attorney and his support staff, who are compassionate, supportive and available.

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Individualized Family Law Solutions

The Law Office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC places a premium on developing personal, professional relationships with our clients. Garrett C. Higley and his staff work hard to shepherd your family through a difficult and stressful time. We provide individualized, innovative solutions for your family law matters, be it divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, or other family law concerns.

Our Services

The Law Office of Garrett C. Higley handles a variety of family law matters including divorce, child custody, and child support cases. We provide our clients with effective, creative solutions.


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  • A. McKinley

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about the law office of Garrett C. Higley. My husband and I came to Garrett during a very stressful, emotional time that required us to seek legal representation. During that time, we were treading water, just trying to figure out how to handle the situation. I remember our first meeting in his conference room and how he immediately put me at ease. He was confident, clear, and caring all in one. I could tell this guy knew what he was doing and was ready to fight on our behalf with every resource possible. For him, it was not just another case. We immediately developed a trusting relationship that continued throughout the entire process.
  • J. Peel

    Having hastily signed a divorce agreement that placed me in dire financial hardship and drastically limited my ability to see my daughter, I signed-on with Garrett to have said agreement modified. From the moment of the initial consultation I knew he was a consummate, resourceful professional; an attorney who not only had my best interests in mind, but genuinely cared about getting me reunited with my daughter.
  • M. Cumming

    As an attorney myself, I have nearly impossible standards. So, I had originally planned to interview several divorce lawyers. An attorney I trust recommended that I speak with Garrett first. After we met, I cancelled the other interviews I had scheduled – I wanted Garrett on my side. That was one of the best decisions of my life, and my kids and I reap the benefits of that decision every day.
  • M. Schultze

    Garrett Higley and his team are phenomenal from every aspect within family Law. Garrett is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate to your needs, concise, upfront, thorough, fair and simply a great advocate. Him and his team have shown nothing but the utmost respect and attention to detail with my situation and have fought hard for me and my rights. His experience and art of his craft; are apparent and valuable. I would absolutely recommend using Garrett as an attorney if you are in need of an excellent family law practitioner...
  • A. Bryant

    Mr. Higley, I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for the work you have done for my family. You have brought happiness to my niece and her children. I appreciate the work that you put in and the hours that you spent on my niece, Karrie Smith's case. We are ecstatic that the case was in our favor and that Karrie has her child back with her and her other girls. Mr. Higley, I wanted you to know that my family had a long stressful journey with this case until we met you...

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